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SEO and How to Make Pay Per Click Pay

While keyword research can at first be intimidating you’ll have time to experiment and have plenty of opportunities to test your keywords. By setting aside a testing budget for PPC (Pay Per Click) or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you will not spend much money and will determine which keywords you want to focus on.

First steps to do

For Pay Per Click the more keywords you are willing to bid on, the lower the cost per click. To determine the best keywords to use in your campaign, begin by writing down the keywords you believe you would be most interested in searching for. This will give you a starting point for you to devise a list of keywords for your campaign.

Doing this by hand is tedious, and not only that, if you do not write to discover keywords and phrases that are low in competition and high in search results, you will probably miss some great ones.

A powerful SEO tool that many marketers use is the Alexa Ranking Tool, which is a free download from the site. That tool runs completely scripts on your browser and gives you VERY valuable information regarding the traffic rank of various websites. If you are using SEO, you probably won’t care about the details as you will already have your keywords, but if you are doing PPC, every instant counts. So learning how to run PPC with SEO will effectively bring you both in toasty targeted traffic and some extra cash.

As a low-budget business, your best bet is to go after the keywords that bring the highest return and at the lowest cost per click. While you could just pay for visitors by using Google AdWords, that would get you visitors brought to your site by the sole benefit of their AdWord account. When you have a good ranking for a popular keyword you will get “free” traffic via natural search – that is why you can write for less! If you target the wrong keywords you will be spending your days writing for hours rather than days.

So let’s take the hassle out of choosing your keywords. Here are some tools that can help:

Keyword Density Tool

This is the most important part. You search for keywords that you want to use, and this tool will provide you statistics of the frequency with which they are typed in. This will allow you to fine-tune your site to meet the goals you have set for your site. This should be the biggest priority of your SEO campaign.

When you have your keywords, you then click on the “keyword density” tab to see the most common density of your keyword over the entire web page ( sellers: between 3% and 8%). You should aim for between 3% and 8% depending on the keywords used. This should be enough to attract the spiders without making your readers frown. This should be enough to attract the spiders without making your readers frown.

Analyze Web Page Incoming Traffic

This is where you use the tool to analyze your site traffic and thus help you set goals. For example, if you want to know the word usage rate of your site, you can use this tool.

Use Keywords in Your META Tag

As you know, META tags are HTML code that is used on the internet to communicate with search engines. You can use the tool to analyze how search engines see your site and will thus help you optimize your site.

Insert Your Keywords in Your Site

Inserting keywords on your site is important. You should have several on every page. Remember, too many keywords on one page will lead to “black hat” SEO, and Google may ban your site. The density of the keyword is also important. You should include your target keyword at least in the title and the first paragraph. Jessup by using your keywords in the first and last paragraph if it is possible.

Long-Tail Keywords

If you are in the process of optimizing your site, you may Long tail keywords. A Longtail is a key term that is more than 3 words long. Generally, it is advisable to use the keyword for the first sentence or two of each paragraph. This is so that the search engine will understand the meaning of your text.

Use Suitable keywords

Make sure that the keywords you are using on your site are apt for it. If you use it too many times, it will not make any sense. For example, a particular keyword like make money online can be used in many ways. Therefore, select only those keywords that can be useful to the users. Search engine optimization means that you must take care of all these factors if you are interested in making money online.

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