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Make The Search Engines Love Your Site

Most webmasters have no idea about search engine optimization strategy. They tend to create a site, and then sit back and wait for the hits. Instead of waiting, why not concentrating on SEO strategies? By employing effective strategies like keywords, backlinks, and content, you will see more traffic on your site.

Below are some simple tips that will help you with your site ranking

1. Use Keywords – By using keywords in your web content, you will be able to index it in search engines. Remember that content is the king. You must have original content that is free from errors. Unique and informative content will always get ranked higher, compared to copied content.

2. Backlinks – backlinks are the single most important factor for your site to get ranked. Remember, each page indexed with one or more backlinks has greater ranking potential. If you do not have any backlinks, it will make your site rank lower. It is also important that the backlinks you have coming from other sites. Read more about the Importance of Backlinks.

3. Content – make sure you have fresh and unique content. Even if you are on the top of search results, if your site has no content, you will never last on the internet. You need to update your site with fresh content. If you use copied content, it will rank lower because the search engine is programmed to detect sites with copied content. Check the best Linking Strategies That Work.

4. Images – only use images that are relevant to your site. Do not use images that are not relevant. It is possible to put pictures on your site, but make sure that they are relevant.

5. Site map – it is best to have a site map with all the links to your site. This makes it easier for the search engine to index your pages.

6. Meta description – when you create your site map, make sure that the meta description is relevant to your website, and make use of keywords. It is important to have a good meta description, otherwise, your site may not rank high on searches.

7. Keywords – research and look for the best keywords for your site. You can use online programs like Google AdWords Keyword tool or Wordtracker to help you get the best keywords. Read more about keywords here: Keyword Research – Five Terms You Must Understand.

8. Focus on popularity – focus on websites with higher popularity and popularity. If you type in the keyword “free files” on Google search, you will find 150 million competing sites. If your site limits itself to only those sites that are popular, it will probably not be found on the first page of the search, and even if it is found, it will not be ranked high enough to get visitors.

9. Linking – it is best to get links pointing to your site from other websites. You can create your links by writing articles, blogging, creating videos, and using social marketing methods such as posting to social bookmarking sites. This will help boost your traffic. Find more about Linking Strategies That Work.

10. Check your referrer log regularly, to see where your traffic is coming from. You might be surprised how many sites refer only to your site without even having your link on their site. Create a list of your top referrers and send it to your SEO company.

11. Search engine optimization is not about just one thing. You also need to ensure that your website has as many pages as possible optimized for different keywords. This helps search engines to index your site, and your pages will be ranked higher.

12. Make your website useful – create a site that can be useful to readers, then make all efforts to update the site regularly. Most readers will be pleased if your site has the latest information. Also, if your site offers good information, you will most likely receive comments which can greatly influence your traffic.

13. Share your content – it is best to use social sharing sites to post your content. Allow users to share your articles, blogs, and links easily. But don’t bombard them with the same post. format and timing of the post are very important. When you receive comments asking for some feedback, reply, and advise them properly.

14. Search Engines love unique and new content. When creating new content for your website, publish it immediately. Search engines will always prefer the new and regularly updated.

15. Avoid spamming in any of the above areas. Using promotional language may be exciting, but visitors will be turned off by aggressive marketing. Not to mention the SEO company you will have to face.