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Link Relevance Vs Anchor Text

The heated debate among SEO experts over the importance of link relevance over anchor text has shown no signs of abating. If you have not been paying close attention to ranking events in your niche market, you may have missed the latest news regarding Page Rank and link popularity. For those who have been paying attention, great! You have gained valuable knowledge in SEO optimization.

Go ahead and read this article so you can be enlightened about future changes to these SEO techniques as well as get some instruction over SEO link building so you can implement the strategies to gain success.

What is anchor text

Anchor text is the text displayed in a hyperlink and a target keyword that you want to rank high for. If I was to post a link on “link building” where do I want to be? Anchor text of course!

Well, because building links is such a repetitive task in SEO link building, right? That is why Anchor Text Relevance plays a larger role in a successful SEO campaign. Every SEO campaign that exists is about the relevance of the link text.

Favorably, the anchor text of a link in the text under which the link is posted. So you need to start building links in such a way that you are optimizing your keywords. Successfully building links will result in maximum anchor text relevance.

Earlier the quantity was the only factor, but from now, on you need to be more diversified. Hence, I would always advise using different types of anchor texts so that you can practically maximize the effect of anchor text relevance.

Diversification comes in handy because you need to use your keywords as well when building links. It is better to use one keyword for a set of backlinks and then use the other keywords for the rest of the links you build. If you use your keywords as part of the links that you build, then Google will consider that as part of your content. Hence, it plays a constructive role in SEO.

Two ways of using Anchor Text Relevance

Now from a webmasters perspective, there are two ways of using Anchor Text Relevance. When building links from other websites, you can use one or more keywords as your anchor text, and then again in between write processes, you can use one or more keywords as your Anchor Text. By running a continuity of such way of building links, you can use a single keyword or a group of keywords to build links with relevance on Anchor Text and automatically get the highest relevance for all the keywords involved in the process.

Why is keeping an eye on the competition so important? It gives you an idea of what you are up against. If you know what you are up against, you can outsmart or out hang them.

Most of the top websites for your keywords will display the PR (Page Rank) of their respective web pages. If you want to outrank them, you need to get links from their websites as well. If can’t get their links, at least get their incoming links.

Apart from link relevance, a few other factors play a pivotal role in SEO. One of them is the web design company that you choose. They also provide professional web design. Among the professional web design companies on the web, today are Dreamweaver, FrontPage, GOOGLE, and mentioned a few. None of them provide 100% satisfaction for me. I still don’t have their full complement of criterion though.

Content writing is also crucial

Search engines these days are clause sensitive. They have got to locate the textual content on the web page and index it. Write to search engines instead of creating a website for them.

Heading tags and Alt Text are important to catch the attention of the web spiders. On the other hand, don’t go overboard with it. If they become Overture primary clients, you could be blacklisted.

Make sure you have links from other sites with your keywords. If you have links from a site with a different niche, it enhances your chances of better results in terms of ranking.

What you need to do is continue with your technical level of knowledge and apply it or think about it while carrying out the strategy of link outsourcing SEO. Not only firms overseas who are offering the service of SEO for other companies can do it. You can do it at your site and circumvent most of the problems of SEO.

Article directory submissions are a good way to drive traffic to your site and improve your ranking. You can get good links from the article directory. Combine writing with some SEO tactics, and you will get what you desire for your site – drive better traffic and improved ranking.

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