Keyword Research

Keyword Research – Five Terms You Must Understand

Keywords are words and phrases that are used all over the Internet when people are searching for something. Proper keyword research can help you to know if you are beating your competitors in business.

To expand your keyword list to be as complete as possible you will need to understand the five basic terms used in keyword research tools.

Fusion site (or structured network)

This is a site that uses a page to make a connection with another page. For example, by clicking on a certain page you are automatically taken to a separate web page. You might see the home page, a contact page, an about page, and a product page, for example.

Feed site

This is a site that delivers content using feeds. For example, it could be a magazine or news site where updates are drip-fed through the feed which is usually on Twitter or Facebook. Some other examples of feed sites would be news feed sites that deliver videos, photos, and audio files.

In linking analysis, the percent of your traffic that comes from various search engines will be reduced by about 50 percent.

Exclusive search

In these cases, the search term alone will be showing up in the meta title of the page or the title of the page (preferably on the top) anywhere on the page. You must, however, be careful about this – sometimes the content just isn’t significant enough to rank for. In other words, it could win a popularity contest, but it won’t be from a search engine and become exclusive.

Paragraph phrases

Paragraph phrases are simply long phrases rather than single words. In the case of a search, the search engines will give more attention to phrases rather than single words. For example, a webpage can have a phrase included in your title and it will get overtake the rest of the content in the preferences of the search engine.

Dispersion pattern

A dispersion pattern is a part of the distribution of traffic on your website along with a link. For example, a phrase with a high amount of search traffic will get more clicks from people that are at the top of the distribution, and low traffic will be divided up amongst the lower parts of the distribution.

These would be some things that people might do in a hurry. Your website must have some traffic. In “Driving”, internet users might click onto a particular phrase and get the traffic flowing first. This means “Raw shattered”. It has a lower conversion rate.

Although a search engine like Google, on top of searching for a term, may pick a page based on meta title, meta description, and page contents alone. For people who are searching for a title, they will use keywords that will associate the content of that page to certain search terms. For example, someone may enter “lovely painters weblog fictitious street” if they are looking for a page about dreamy creative writing.

With these five terms, you will have the basic knowledge to put together a list of unique keywords on which you can base your search engine marketing campaign.

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