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Keep it Simple With SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an applied science, which develops new and provides solutions to desktop customers to increase their sales and expand their brand image. So, Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimizing your website to be search engine friendly. As there are hundreds of millions of web pages on the planet, to be on the top of Google for a particular search phrase is difficult. To push your way to the top of Google’s “Top 10” requires a lot of resources, time, and effort.

So why don’t you find a specialist SEO company to handle all your optimization needs, allowing you to concentrate on the real job, which is building quality websites that will sell?

As I’m sure you’re aware, SEO is a specialist area, and there are enormous amounts of competing SEO firms. The ability to spot the ‘real men’ from the ‘imposters’ can save your time, money, and energy when investing in your online presence.

But be aware that there’s no substitute to experience and no substitute to time. If you attempt to rush the process of optimizing your site, you’re unlikely to achieve the results you are searching for, and more likely to find yourself favorite less in amongst the ranks of top-ranking pages.

Keyword Research

To be able to compete successfully in any market, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. Identifying the right keywords is crucial to the success of any campaign. For example, if you are in the business of selling cars from a garage, then ‘car dealership’ might be one of your keywords. However, what are the other options that people would use to find a car dealership? Perhaps ‘car dealer’, ‘car inner captioning’, ‘car tuning’, ‘car bodywork’, ‘car hoistings’, or maybe ‘sites to buy a car’.

This process of brainstorming options and dealing with them going forward is the very best way to keep the overload of options open to you and lower the chances of falling apart in the shopper’s attempt to find the ‘right’ car dealership.

It doesn’t matter if you are using an online car dealership or a physical one, the same principles apply. Search for options online and choose the ones that are closely related to your business and the market you are in.

For the car dealership, they might offer

‘delivery from our delivery point to your car dealerships monthly’

Okay, 6 dozens of keywords to choose from. Hoard them all and fill up your keyword metatags. The list of goods that you will sell is sure to increase when you become an everyday part of the search engine process.

Now it time to get down to business and start sourcing parts and working out prices for the following month. Two articles, your suppliers might be tempted to provide them, might cost you an awful lot more than you bargained for.

  1. Frames (dig into your supplier’s prices and see if they provide any)
  2. Consultation (roughly the same for frame uses and filler, therefore)
  3. Exclusion (quite a popular option engine optimization wise)
  4. Advertising (probably the most selected keyword available)
  5. Toolboxes (these are only valuable if you provide spare parts for your tools)
  6. Manpower (see if your suppliers give personnel access to your shop?The investment in getting people in and out of the site is very important)
  7. Management (the same for frames and professional service providers)
  8. Fuel (see if your engine optimization supplier gives suitable training on ethics and safety issues. Also if your engine uses black hat methods it is advisable to get rid of their guidance and training as soon as possible)
  9. Uranium (of course NOT Rum spread on the internet)
  10. Non-disclosure agreements (a nasty surprise visitor your competitors have kept for months unknowingly, you need to find out before you go there you have to)
  11. Instantaneous results ( when you search for the first time and find your website well ranked on all search engines and other directories you’re just left disappointed)
  12. Aesthetics (Does your website have a fancy interface? Does it look like it? Does it appeal to you? You are in business to make money, so improved appearance and usability is imperative. )
  13. Just in case you change the content of your website it could take weeks and months (search engine takes time to reindex and re-votes your website).

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