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Free Articles for Traffic Generation

To generate free targeted traffic to your web site you need content. Content attracts crawlers, reads your web site, gives the search engine an immediate understanding of the theme of your web site, and attracts the “Eye Landing” customer that is interested in your web site. Just starting with a web site it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that only content alone will bring you traffic. But the formula for success is a little more complicated than that. Here are 5 ways that you can easily provide content for your web site.

5 Great Ways to Provide Gift Within Your Website

1. Add to the conversation your reader is having about the interest, the solutions or just the subject matter of your niche web site visitors perform research on the information they’re with. Yours should offer just that.

2. Make additional links to your site for busy or distracted visitorsAnavernous visitors want easy navigation. Thankfully, there are ways to do this without making potential customers frustrated. A high click rate can cause them to leave in a hurry if your navigation is too confusing.

3. Short, One Thought Interesting ArticlesWeb site visitors read to find out something useful. Make sure your readers find the information they’re looking for when they read it and get them to respond to your message. Articulate a good message with short, easy to read articles.

4. “Can-Do” ArticlesYou want visitors to your site who can do what you want them to do. Can they do a thing very easily? Do you want to show them how you need less time? Can you provide an example that will show them how to do something? When readers see that something is possible they want to do it!

5. HeadingsBy keeping your website keyword focused, you ensure that you are ranking well on the Search Engines. By using bolded, italicized, or underlined words you are telling the crawlers what you want them to do, in this case, the “do” is clicking through to your website!

The most important thing to remember for both readers and search engines is that to give your readers the best experience, the content has to be relevant to the topic. Keyword optimization is important, but without valuable content, for your readers, it is virtually impossible to get anyone to your site.

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